We are always looking to add new, interested talent to our team!

Joining us is rather simple; please follow these steps:

(1) Check our page detailing current openings.

(2) If you see an opening you are interested in, note it, and send an email indicating your interest to our research team coordinator, at efftworkshop@drmirisse.com.

  • In your email, please include the position you are interested in and the word “application” somewhere in your subject line (e.g., “research assistant application”).

  • Somewhere in the body of your email, please attach a cover letter detailing your interest in working with us, and a CV or resume.

(3) Due to the high volume of emails we receive, we may not be able to get back to you immediately; however, in the coming week(s) following your application submission, if your application has been accepted, you can expect an email from us inviting you to an interview, in person at our lab or by phone. In the interview, we will discuss your application, interest in applying with us, and commitment.

(4) Following your interview, we will send you another email indicating your next steps. You can expect to begin shortly after that.

Note: If you do not see an opening for a position, but believe our lab would be a good fit for you, you are still welcome to apply! Simply follow the steps above, indicating the kind of position in which you are interested and the skill set you bring, and if we can make use of your talents, we will let you know.